Hi, I am Wouter.

I am a 22 years old back-end developer, trying to create the best applications on the internet to make peoples lives and businesses better, faster and more efficient.

As a kid I liked to create things from scratch like making music or more to the point, creating ideas of apps. Using your mind, creativity and a skill I've learned as a kid you can create something powerful that other people can use and profit from.

After crafting something from scratch you can take things to a more complex level, which makes you look at things differently. I am absorbed in the complexity of applications and how something complex can make lives of a lot of people so much easier.

I am currently working with an amazing team at Brendan & Mackenzie in Eindhoven. Together with our team we work for awesome clients on huge complex projects. We are also creating innovative SaaS products (Software as a Service) for customers or businesses to use. At Brendan & Mackenzie I am mainly responsible for the back-end side of the applications we run.