My Qualities

Back-end Software Engineering

I am experienced in developing the back-end part of an application. As a fresh back-end developer who works for Brendan & Mackenzie in Eindhoven, I'm improving this skill even further.

I'm also doing some work as a full-stack developer, but I'm more experienced in back-end development.


The world is driven by data and this data is increasing in amount.

I like working with data and I always try to facilitate working with a lot of data and simplify the processing of data in my applications.

I often use API's from other applications to work with as much relevant data as possible. I also regularly build APIs in my work as a back-end developer.

Project Management

Since I started my education as a Computer Science student, I found out that I had a great interest in Project Management, within ICT, but also outside of it.

I have taken over the management of a rock band in the Netherlands for a number of years and I have supervised several projects within ICT.