Esther, a good acquaintance of mine, asked me to make a new website for her acupuncture practice. She had an old website in Joomla and she really needed an update to attract more new clients. She often recruited enough clients through word of mouth, but she thinks she can expand the amount of clients using the internet. She asked me to make a new website with elements that meets today's time. Also she wants to set her company on the map in Google. Together we made a plan to realize this. I build a secure, SEO optimized and completely new website with the latest elements of today for her. I also added her company to Google and as a bonus she got a professional email webclient to keep in touch with her clients and work on her administration. With Google Analytics she can watch what's going on on her website. This project is currently still in progress, because I want to make sure she can actually grow as a company.

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