The Lazy Lemons was a band of six very enthusiastic musicians. They were a fresh and energetic band. They played very accessible music for almost every occasion with feel good up-tempo songs, but sometimes they took a step back with an occasional ballad. As a project I build their website. They wanted a material design with a clear contrast in color. But the project didn’t end with a website. From December 2016 till January 2018 I was official part of the group. as an artist & booking manager. I helped the band on the business side of music. I supported the boys with their projects and prepared them for events, recordings and business stuff. In January in 2018 they decided to stop with the group, because most of the boys had to start on a hard working study in different cities. But besides the short period we learned a lot of the music industry and how it works.


The process of the website was simple. I talked with the boys about their wishes and what they wanted to deliver as content to their audience. They also wanted to attract business people to book them for events. They also had their house style and media in order to use it. I started building the website in flat PHP with Mysql, because the functionalities for the website were very simple. The process of becoming their artist & booking management was different. During the existence of the band I was a lot with them as a good friend. I made photos and videos for their social media. Before I became the manager of The Lazy Lemons, they had another manager for a short period of time. But this manager suffered a burn out and couldn’t work for The Lazy Lemons anymore. At this point the band decided to take me as their new manager.

I used flat PHP and MySQL for their website. I hosted their website on an Ubuntu 16 server with Nginx. I managed their email via the Strato emailservice.

I delivered a fully functional website with SEO for the band, social media content service, artist management, booking management, operational management and music rights management.

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