Since it was more then a year when the band I managed stopped (The Lazy Lemons), I thought it was time to start working on a new project. I followed David’s (one of the two guitarists of The Lazy Lemons) little brother, Victor Steenmeijer, for a while now and I asked him if he was interested to spice things up with his hobby singing. I think he is really really really talented and has an incredible voice. We agreed working together and after a month he had his debut at Dutch radiostation Q Music!<br /><br /> Really looking forward to the things that are coming up for this dude.. nice working with you bro!


Since I started working with Victor I thought it was time to tackle it more seriously for me too. So I started working on my own management company/group: One Line Management. This is another project I’m starting which is in-line with my project with Victor. You can find more about One Line Management on it’s own page, but this project is part of the process on Victor. Besides that I build a website for Victor which is scalable according to the MVC method of structuring the project. More stuff is coming up online depending on Victor’s growth.


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