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NASA Rover App

School project for the course Client side / Android app. I had to create an android app that generates a list of photos from different cameras from NASA's Mars Rover. The photos are loaded asynchronously from the NASA API. Each photo refers to a detail screen where the photo is displayed in full screen along with the name of the camera that has been selected.

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NS Dashboard

One subject was central to this project: Design Patterns. We had to build a web application in which at least 8 design patterns were implemented. We have created an NS Dashboard in which users can plan their journey with NS at the departure station, arrival station and date and time of departure or arrival. Furthermore, users can create an account, save trips and set up their home station. The home station is stored in a database if the user has an account, otherwise the home station is stored in a cookie. We have incorporated the following design patterns into this application: Strategy Pattern, Template Pattern, Composite & Visitor Pattern, Iterator Pattern, Singleton Pattern, Factory Pattern, State Pattern and the Observer Pattern. We have used the NS API.

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Become a model

or a client (KLEINTJE) from my former employer (Crew On Tour) I had to make a form where people can sign up for a online become-a-model contest. People fill in their information and upload a photo of themself to participate. I made this in flat PHP with a MySQL database. When the campaign started, there were 230 registrations in half an hour on the website. It was my first 'project' that went live with such impact. Although the project is relatively small in scale, I am still very proud. At the time of writing, the KLEINTJE campaign post on Instagram has 1100 likes and 158 responses.

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Amerongen Acupunctuur

Esther, a good acquaintance of mine, asked me to make a new website for her acupuncture practice. She had an old website in Joomla and she really needed an update to attract more new clients. She often recruited enough clients through word of mouth, but she thinks she can expand the amount of clients using the internet. She asked me to make a new website with elements that meets today's time. Also she wants to set her company on the map in Google. Together we made a plan to realize this. I build a secure, SEO optimized and completely new website with the latest elements of today for her. I also added her company to Google and as a bonus she got a professional email webclient to keep in touch with her clients and work on her administration. With Google Analytics she can watch what's going on on her website. This project is currently still in progress, because I want to make sure she can actually grow as a company.

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ID Scanner

For a schoolassignment we had to create a Android app for the Koninklijke Marechaussee (Military Police). The app can scan the MRZ code on a passport or personal ID, and retrieve data from the passport via the NFC chip that is located in the card. The data is then securely saved on the device and automatically deleted after 18 hours. The data can be exported to the secure server of the police and stored according to the Dutch Private Data law.

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For a schoolassignment we had to create a web application for a movietheatre. This included a fully interactive website and a terminal for in the theatre itself. Visitors had to be able to select and purchase tickets for a movie when at home, or when visiting the theatre itself. A ticket was then created and could be printed to a PDF-file.

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Invoice System

For a schoolassignment we had to create a web application for an insurance company. The goal was simple: to have complete control over all declarations of clients from a physiotherapist office, with a connection to the physiotherapist administration system via REST.

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The Lazy Lemons

The Lazy Lemons is a band of six very enthusiastic musicians. They are a fresh and energetic band. They play very accessible music for almost every occasion with feel good up-tempo songs, but sometimes they take a step back with a occasional ballad. As a project I build their website. They wanted a material design with a clear contrast in color. Watch the result here. But the project doesn't end with a website. Since december 2016 I am official part of the group. As an artist & booking manager I help the band on the business side of music. I support the boys with their projects and prepare them for events.